Parent leaders - Ekaterine Tortladze

Ekaterine Tortladze - Tbilisi, Georgia

Ekaterine Tortladze is a founder and chair of Aures Foundation. By profession, she is a nurse.  In the last years, she worked as an executive manager at a Waldorf school. In parallel, she worked in Aures Foundation. Two years ago, she decided to devote all her time and resources to issues related to hearing in Georgia because the situation in this area was getting worse. Now she manages Aures Foundation. From 2012 to the present, the foundation has implemented many useful and interesting projects on the initiative of Ekaterine. The Aures Foundation is not only a job or interest for Ekaterine, she believes that this is the goal of her life - to create and develop a strong support and rehabilitation system for children with hearing loss in Georgia. The inspiration of Ekaterine's activities is her daughter who has hearing loss.