Hearing care for All: A Global Conversation about Universal Newborn Hearing Screening and the World Report on Hearing

26 February 2021


  • Dr Karl White is a professor at Utah State University and the Director of the National Center on Hearing Assessment and Management and recognized as one of the world’s leading authorities on early identification of hearing loss. He has been an invited speaker to more than 35 countries. He also serves on many national and international advisory groups.
  • Dr. Shelly Chadha is a native of India. She oversees the World Health Organization’s (WHO) work on prevention of deafness and hearing loss, including advocacy for prioritization of hearing care; technical support to countries for development of hearing care strategies and development of tools and guidance; World Hearing Day and the Make Listening Safe initiative. Prior to joining WHO in 2011, she worked as a Professor of Otolaryngology at the Maulana Azad Medical College in New Delhi, India.

Parents on Pandemic: Coping and Hoping

February 2021

A diverse group of parents from South Africa, India, Dubai, New Zealand, Iran, Uganda, and the UK share from the heart 1) what’s working surprisingly well even in the face of a pandemic, and 2) what challenges are especially frustrating regarding family-centred early intervention services and supports during this time of crisis. Participants will learn about crisis coping skills, work-around strategies, and gain increased awareness of the social-emotional and practical experiences of parents with children who are DHH.

This webinar is the first in the FCEI virtual-learning series.

Watch the webinar: Parents on Pandemic: Coping and Hoping

A Global Conversation about Education

United in Identifying and Implementing Supports for Students who are Deaf/Hard of Hearing
Date: 28 August 2020

Parents from around the world share their personal and cultural stories of the types of things parents need to think about and advocate for in the educational setting. Starting with the basic human right of communication access, this Facebook chat discusses elements of education including: Ensuring social connections, accessibility accommodations, advocating for acceptance in schools, the role of families in successful outcomes in education. No matter where you live in the world, you can learn AND contribute to this conversation in ensuring that all children who are D/HH have access to education.

Parent Facilitators: Janet DesGeorges (U.S.) and Jodi Michelle Cutler (Italy)

Parents who will share their perspectives:

  • Joyce Nalugya (Uganda)
  • Daiva Treciokaite (Austria)
  • Bianca Birdsey (South Africa)

Download the transcript for this webinar.