Parent leaders - Bianca Birdsey

Bianca Birdsey - Durban, South Africa

Bianca Birdsey is the co-founder of THRIVE Parent Support Group in South Africa. Core focus areas of THRIVE support include Parent Mentorship, Communication Support, Information Sharing and Professional Collaboration. Bianca’s three daughters are deaf, and the consequent deep appreciation for the complexity of this parent journey, initiated the birth of THRIVE. For a season, Bianca has served as the National Coordinator of a home-based Early Intervention Programme for Deaf Infants and has authored several children’s books about deafness. She is also a co-founder of Quest Model Bilingual School. Bianca is a medical doctor with an interest in Paediatrics and has several years’ experience in rural medicine and emergency medicine. She has a diploma in HIV management and is currently completing her Medical MSc in Paediatric Neurodevelopment. 

Bianca represented GPODHH at the 3rd Stakeholder’s Meeting for the WHO Programme on Prevention of Deafness and Hearing Loss in July 2018 at WHO headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland.