Parent leaders - Alexandra Eder

Alexandra Eder - Linz, Austria

I am 38 years old and live in Linz, Austria. I have three children: Isabelle (6) and Benedikt (3), who both have typical hearing, and Amelie (8) who is hard of hearing and has worn hearing aids since she was 3 months old. In my professional life, I work as an early interventionist in the FLIP team (Family Centred Early Intervention Program in Linz) in the hospital of St. John of God in Linz. In addition to my work in the hospital, I offer horseback riding therapy for children with impairments, and I serve as a parent leader with GPODHH. 

Alexandra is a member of the Gemeinschaft Eltern und Freunde Hörgeschädigter (Austrian Association for Parents of Deaf or Hard of Hearing Children)