Communicate for Life - Build Language with Care

A GPODHH webinar held for World Hearing Day 2022

About the topic
Our guest presenters will discuss the importance of accessibility, innovative ways to access and build language, and facilitate an open discussion on communication and language for children who are deaf or hard of hearing and the families.

About the presenters

  • Dr. Tina Childress is an Audiologist, late-deafened adult and bilateral cochlear implant recipient, with a passion for helping others understand how to maximize communication and accessibility. Dr. Childress has provided a clearinghouse of information on topics relating to technology as well as support for the Deaf/deaf/Hard of Hearing/Hearing community.

  • Dr. Melissa McCarthy is passionate about the potential of telepractice to provide families with access to the best possible services – no matter where they live. She was instrumental in developing Australia's first, nationwide telepractice program for children who are deaf or hard of hearing. Dr. McCarthy has dedicated the last ten years to researching the effectiveness of telepractice for delivering family-centred early intervention.

GPODHH Parent Facilitators: Janet DesGeorges (U.S.) and Jodi Michelle Cutler (Italy)