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انجمن پروانه ها

Parvaneha Association for Parents of Deaf/Hard of Hearing Children

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Parent resources in Persian

For more parent resources in Persian, go to Dr Guita Movallali's site on Telegram -

Dr Movallali is an Audiologist and Associate Professor at the University of Social Welfare and Rehabilitative Sciences in Tehran, Iran. She is an advocate for family-centered services for children who are deaf and hard of hearing and linked hundreds of Iranian and Afghan parents together on WhatsApp. 

Thank you to FCEI Iran for making the following documents available in Persian.

Best Practices in Family-Centred Early Intervention for Children who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing: An International Consensus Statement

Parent Take-aways: Cognitive development

In many ways, the mind is your child's first playground! There are many ways in which cognitive development in deaf or hard of hearing (D/HH) children is just like that in hearing children. However, there are a handful of areas where D/HH kids seem to be at greater risk for difficulty or delay.